The Hope of Glory

The Hope of Glory

ColossiansThe Hope of Glory: 100 Daily Meditations on Colossians by Sam Storms is an interesting hybrid of a daily devotional and a commentary.  He walks through every verse of the book of Colossians, but he does it and bite size meditations perfect for someone to start their day thinking deeply about the truth of the Word of God.  The title Hope of Glory is drawn from the text of Colossians itself as is most of the book. Storms is not trying to be exceptionally creative but rather simply helping the reader to understand the Scripture. He provides an excellent help to a careful reading of Colossians. It is stylisticly simple yet theologicaly substantial.  I regularly read commentaries and enjoy having studied theologians walking me through the text, but often they can get rather technical and sometimes chase rabbit trails, or use unnecessarily large words.  This book does get technical at some points and even makes reference to the Greek a couple times, but always in a well explained little chunk and only to make the text even more clear. The 100 daily meditations on the other hand are a breath of fresh air. They can each be read in ten minutes or less so that even the busiest person can take time to read them. The result is a reliable guide to walk you through the entire book of Colossians slowly as you read each of the manageable meditations that encourage and instruct.  This is a great resource for anyone wanting to dig into the Word of God.

The mystery is that the Lord Jesus Christ, the Lord of Glory, is now in you (1: 27), that is, Gentiles who believe in Him. He lives and abides in you, not merely with you or beside you or above and below you, but in you! This, says Paul, is the hope of glory.

Christ living in you is the ground and foundation and cause of your hope that you will enter into the fullness of divine glory. Christ living in you is the assurance, trumping all evidence to the contrary, that you and I will share in the glory that is to come. That glory will be ours because the Christ who died and rose again to secure it on our behalf lives in us now and forever.

Christ is not simply the reason we can hope for glory, but Christ is Himself that glory.


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